Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Cowon X7 got 5 Stars in What Hi-Fi Sound and Vision!

Cowon Products Scoop Top Awards!

The Cowon X7s audio reproduction is expertly tuned by Cowon's CEO "Golden Ears", this combined with the Cowon exclusive BBE+ sound system creates the ultimate sound experience. All Cowon devices are regarded as being audiophile quality and are ranked as some as the best sounding MP3 players in the world!

Some of the most renowned Tech Publications have grabbed the oppertunity to grant Cowon’s products excellent reviews and awards!

Cowon X7 last release is a 5 Stars in What Hi-Fi Sound and Vision (February Issue - full review here -):

Cowon X7 at the Gadget Show:

“It’s a portable media player and it’s a very good one” (Ortis Deleyon on his blog)

“Probably The Best Sounding MP3 Player in th
e world” (Jon Bentley closing his comments on his TV Gadget Show)

Cowon J3 MP3 player that dominated the non- iPod market won “Anything but iPods” best MP3 Players of 2010 Award!

"The J3 builds and improves on the S9’s firmware, features, design, and UI so much so that we felt that it needed to be at the number one spot for 2010." (ABI Top 5 on

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